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Current release: 0.9.3   Download
Supported Joomla Version: Joomla 3.0
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Demo: See left side of screen under the Main Menu.

A Joomla module that displays the current pricing of Dogecoin from the RSS feed

Currently there are no options or configuration settings.

The module displays small link underneath the pricing linking back to our website - this can be removed after any donation on the site. This is based on a honor system and removal of the link can be made by commenting line 18 of default.php. Example:

echo "Dogecoin (XDG) Pricing:<br /><b>". $dogecoinprices . "</b><br />"; 
//echo "<p style=\"font-size:10px; text-align:center;\">Module from <a href=\"\"></a></p>";



Donating not only helps this module, but also helps the site as a whole. After donating, you can also remove the link from the module, by commenting or removing line 18 from default.php. This is based on a trust and honor system, so please, only remove the link if you have donated, we are not asking how much to donate, is whatever you think is an appropriate amount.

If you find this module useful, please consider donating: 1DsJTEDj7LdfkDx8jhKGwn2wGXDNZ8iGHu or click the link at the very bottom of the screen to donate via CoinURL.

If you do not have bitcoin, please contact us for alternative payment options. At this time we do not accept Paypal.


 To install, follow these steps:

  1. Login to administation (backend) of your Joomla site.
  2. Click on "Extensions -> Extension Manager" and upload the zip file.
  3. Go to "Extensions -> Module Manager" and click on the "Dogecoin Pricing" module.
  4. Choose Position, change Status to "Published", and change Module Assignment.
  5. Save.


Support can be found in our forums. Please note that you must be registered to post a support question.


No issues at the moment.

To Do:


0.9.3 - After submitting to JED, i had to change the listing from "Dogecoin Prices Joomla Module" to "Dogecoin Pricing" because you cannot have the words "module" or "plugin" in the listing.

0.9.2 - First stable release. I made this in about 30 minutes from a copy of the Bitcoin Prices Module, so until i actually go through and make sure everything is working (and not saying Bitcoin instead of Dogecoin), its not going to be a major release, but for now, everything should be stable.

Posted: 8 months 4 days ago by admin #317
admin's Avatar
So we got the module looked over by the staff of JED, and we had to make some minor changes and hopefully in the next few days it should be live!
Posted: 8 months 2 weeks ago by admin #316
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According to JED: "There are a total of 29 extensions to go through before we review your extension for approval."

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